Free your mind with white canvas.

One’s mind is meant to be free An infinite world, blank as a canvas

awaits you with a truly free spirit, draw frontiers never seen before



Turn your VR art into NFT art on the spot

SnowCanvas is a VRNFT art app that lets you create VR art and sell/mint/publish it as an NFT in one go. It has the various functions necessary to create VR art, and after connecting your wallet for the first time, you can sell/mint/publish NFTs by just logging into your Meta account.

draw a VRNFT art

mint your VRNFT art


How to mint your NFT

Step 1. Link your meta account and wallet on this page. This can be skipped from the 2nd time.

If you do not own a wallet, please download Metamask on this page and create a wallet

Step 2. After creating your VR art on SnowCanvas, select the art you would like to turn into an NFT from the art list in sketchbook, located on the lower part of your left hand palette. Then, select the NFT icon out of the list of icons that appear.

Step 3. To sell/publish an NFT, you need an NFT collection (Art series) that you wish to add the NFT to. To do so, click the “NEW” button and create a collection. Creating one is as simple as entering its title and symbol. After entering, you will be prompted to pay the fees necessary to create an NFT collection.

If a collection has already been created, step 3 can be skipped.
Service fee is charged to create collections.

Step 4. Select the collection you would like to sell/publish as an NFT, out of the list of NFT collections displayed. After selecting, you will be prompted to pay the fees to sell/publish it.

※ Service fee is charged to mint your VRNFT art.

Step 5. Congratulations! You have just successfully sold/published your VRNFT art onto the NFT marketplace, OpenSea! Please be patient, as it might take a while for it to be reflected after the data is sent.


About us

company Zenesis,Inc
established March 4th,2022
CEO Masato Ogawa
address Hokkaido Shimbunsya Building 2F,3-6 Odorinishi, ChuoWard,Sapporo,Hokkaido
service VR software development
contact [email protected]